The Mono Awards

We have found a short tutorial created by photographer Adam Gibbs, where he gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to elevate some of your photos by transforming them into a black and white format. 

In part one of our black and white photography tips we looked at the history of black and white photography as well as techniques for shooting. Now, let's look at some example images.

Black and white photography is a unique art form that requires retraining your eye to look at light and contrast in different ways. Here's how to get started.

The results are in for The Mono Awards 2020 - check out the top 5 finalists in all three categories right here.

If you've ever wanted to step into the mind of one of our most talented exports, then we can highly recommend this great interview with our Mono Awards 2020 judge Jackie Ranken on the excellent Light Minded Podcast.

Award-winning photographer Nick Rains explains some of the key elements to consider when you're shooting and editing mono.

Our 2019 judges share 10 quick tips to help you improve your chances in this year's competition.

Check out the Top 40 images from last year's competition.

VIDEO: Not sure where to start with your entry to The Mono Awards? Here's some video inspiration to get you in a creative headspace.

Shooting black & white in camera can do wonders for your visual senses. Drew Hopper has the low down.

Here's our winners' announcement from September 2019, when we named the winners, runners up and Top 10s from the inaugural Mono Awards black and white photography competition.