Video: Processing images into black and white

Sometimes an image that feels quite plain in colour can become a remarkable photograph when it’s processed into black and white. This is because the monochromatic tones can help highlight certain features of the photo’s subject matter. 

We have found a helpful video tutorial put together by photographer Adam Gibbs that will give you step-by-step guidance on how to use post-production to create striking black and white images.

In the short 30 minute video, Gibbs explains how he processes his images into black and white, sharing his best advice and detailing how to achieve more dramatic, graphic, ethereal and uplifting effects.

Living in an age of digital media, it’s not often that we take the time to print an image anymore, but should you ever want to, Gibbs also talks about some important things to keep in mind.

You can see more of Adam Gibbs' videos on YouTube.