Black & white on YouTube

Not sure where to start with your entry to The Mono Awards 2020? Here are a few youtube videos to get you in a creative headspace.

Photoshop guru Scott Kelby demonstrates a really simple, but very effective colour-to-black-&-white conversion in Adobe Lightroom. 


David Yarrow is a conservationist and author. He's also one of the world's most talented wildlife photographers – and he shoots in black and white. He talks about his approach to eposure, compsition, lens choice and more.


In this video, Jamie Windsor takes a look at the history of black and white photography, and also presents some practical tips that you can use with your photography next time you shoot. 

In this video, Mark Wallace for Adorama TV takes a (brief) look at how to use zones of light to convert color photographs to high contrast, black and white images.