Behind the Lens: Jump for Joy

This image was captured not so long ago at the Carriageworks Farmers Market in Eveleigh, Sydney. We ventured out one Saturday morning in search of good coffee and some fresh produce and this popular weekend market seemed the right place to visit.

I’m a keen street photographer and I only shoot with my iPhone. As a result I’m carrying my camera wherever I go. So whenever an opportunity presents itself I can quickly reach for my camera and capture the scene I’m interested in.

I particularly love shooting in wet weather conditions, they make for dramatic skies, shiny surfaces and great reflections, especially in puddles.

I spotted a couple of puddles at the markets and I got very lucky when a couple of kids, visiting the precinct with their parents, started jumping over the puddles just in front of me.

They stopped jumping because they saw me taking a photo and didn’t want to stand in my way but I seized the opportunity and asked them to keep on jumping, hoping to add an interesting human element to my composition.

I held the iPhone as low as possible above the puddle and kept shooting continuously for 10 seconds or so, hoping for the best. It all happened very quickly.

I couldnt believe my luck when I went through the images and found this one. The jumping kid was just in the right position in the frame and he and the warehouses were perfectly reflected in the puddle.

I showed his parents the image and after getting their permission to post, I shared it on my favorite social media platform Instagram.

I process images on the go and it rarely takes me more than five minutes per shot. I choose my favourite filter (it adds contrast and a bit of grain) and post on Instagram. I’m not interested in spending a lot of time fixing any imperfections, for me it’s all about capturing the moment. I love shooting in black and white, I find it easier to capture the essence of a scene in mono; colour is just a distraction.

I was very lucky that morning. I was in the right spot at the right time, all the stars aligned and I came away with a very special and unique image.

Apple iPhone X, 1/2000s @ f1.8. ISO 20.

About the author: Douwe Dijkstra is a professional senior graphic designer based in Sydney. Born and raised in The Netherlands, he relocated downunder in 2003 and now calls Australia home. Photography is a strong passion for Douwe and he picked up his first camera at the age of 12. Over the years his hobby has evolved from taking family snaps with his grandfather’s camera, to creating black and white fine art in the digital age. Douwe prefers to shoot in monochrome as he simply finds it easier to capture the essence of a scene in black and white: colour is just a distraction. He won the black and white category of the 2015 Photographer of the Year. You can see more of his work on his website and instagram.